After a blissful sleep at anchor we woke up to a warm hazy morning on the Hudson, t-shirts and shorts for us today, must be indian summer.

After cleaning the salad (removing the weeds from the water intake filter), checking the oil and all that good stuff we picked up our hook and went over to Jem for a pow-wow, Andre called Atlantic Highlands in Sandy Hook to book for this evening, as a front is expected to roll in and they offer good protection... but there was no room at the inn so we opted for a mooring ball at 79th Street Basin, Manhattan. We were told "first come, first served" how comforting!

Stopped at Westerly Marina in Ossining (home of the bad boys camp Sinsing) and fueled up, the owner Artie, his wife of 62 years and their son operate this marina, nice folks.

1200 passing under the famous Tappenzee bridge and shortly thereafter picked this very wet cocky New York pigeon (I think he did not get out of the way), he chased after Solitaire, landed on the swimming platform then flew up and perched himself on the outboard engine then right into the cockpit where he made himself at home... David made me close the companionway as we figured he was headed inside the cabin to help himself to some lunch . Julia would have said we had a pet on board. Anyhow, after about an hour having established he was not hurt and somewhat drier and rested (and of course taking a couple of pics) we shooed him away and he flew to perch under the George washington bridge.

We successfully picked up the second mooring buoy we went for, the first one had no line attached, and here we are in our floating downtown Manhattan condo. I love it !!! Watching the continuous line of bumper to bumper traffic on the Westside Hyway until 2200!! as well as on the GW bridge and here we are sipping wine in the cockpit admiring the lights of the city that never sleeps. NEW YORK NEW YORK.

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