0940 cast off gas dock where David fueled up Soli... getting quite good at doing this without spilling as the pumps are very fast.

We said goodbye to Atlantic city and resumed our coastal passage South to Cape May.

A brilliant day, the ocean is a magnificent shade of blue and the swells more civilised today, if this is what cruising is like I think I can handle it for a while.
We arrived in Cape May at 1445. My last time here was on camping trip with Alec and the kids in 1968, when we saw the first man walk on the moon.
We arrived at a civilised time for a change and were greeted by the staff of Utsch's marina in their usual friendly and efficient manner.
The facilities are wonderful and Louise and I put some laundry in while we took glorious, long, hot showers full private bathrooms.
We took the Babys aout for a belated birthday celebration at the Lobster House. We have all decided to give ourselves a lay day to lick our wounds and it is just as well as Jem has discovered a leak in the heat exchanger and salt water is not a good thing in the engine.
This place has wifi but I have unfortunately discovered that I cannot post this blog as an attachment to the blog.... there is no way I am retyping this whole thing ON LINE!!!

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