0550 cast off WBM and discovered we had no autopilot. Not good!!!
It was raining and the wind was starting to come up.

I spoke to David Hudson and we agreed that it might be a loose connection so I unscrewed the back of the instrument panel at the helm, with some trepidation, jiggled and tightened a few wires and voila auto pilot functional... whew!!!

0720 tied up at Shelburne Marina and started to undo the rig, turn buckles etc, we even took down the boom that weighs a ton... good for my granny wings!

They unstepped Jem first and then it was our turn, frankly we were not very impressed with their work, quite sloppy, I was trying to keep track of the turn bucles and clevis pins which they were dropping all over the deck , they even dropped the drum of the furler in the water, the excuse was that the wind was coming up and they were rushing!!!

Had supper on board, ravioli and a delicious apple cake (ma tante Loulou's).

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