It is April fool’s day and nobody has played any tricks on anyone.

We are still on our mooring in Black Sound and will be here all tomorrow, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous today, hot and sunny with a gentle 10 knot wind from the south east. After a leisurely start to the day and a trip ashore for showers we took the dinghy into White Sound, just around the corner from where we are presently moored to the Green Turtle Club for an excellent lunch of grouper and chips ( Abaco fish and chips) followed by ice cream, then back to the boat for a brief moment and then a walk through the town of New Plymouth for a walk on the beach.

We probably walked about three miles and Catherine was very pleased with herself ‘cos she found two beautiful sand dollars and some very pretty shells. We had to return to the boat since we were invited for drinks on “L’Equipe” with a very nice family from New Brunswick that we had first met up with in Minim Creek ( of ill fame for “Solitaire 1” if you recall our adventure there) in South Carolina .

The Nicholsons (http://www.sailmysteriousways.blogspot.com/) are a delightful family with two children of eight and ten on a year’s sabbatical.. We had a very pleasant time with them, various card games ( Fish ) and nice chat. One thing we have learned on this voyage is what a small world it is – we meet people continuously from different walks of life, spend time with them and then part only to meet up with them somewhere quite different along the way. It was the children actually that told us about the beach to which we walked this afternoon.

Tomorrow we plan to visit the beach again at low tide in order to see what we can find and then maybe on Tuesday we will bid adieu to New Plymouth and go and visit another island on our hop northwards. The present plan is to arrive in West End over the Easter weekend and prepare for our crossing once again of the Gulf Stream and back to civilization (so called).

More later when we can get a wifi connection.

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Stephen said...

Will you be following the coast up or will you be heading out to sea at any point in your return?

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