2007.04.11 Palm Beach FL

The “crossing” was brilliant after watching a magnificent sunrise over our Abacos....7 and a half hours of motorsailing with a nice South Easterly wind, the seas were very tame, with the swells going South and the waves going North but all very smooth…. We were doing between 7.5 and Knots SOG (speed over the ground). It is amazing how good planning can make something potentially uncomfortable to down right dangerous a very pleasant experience…. We had received the go ahead from Chris Parker and he was right on again …

Then it was back to “civilization” with the high rise towers of Palm Beach appearing on the horizon…more like culture shock for us after more than three months bumming around the Abacos !!!

We anchored in the same place as on the way out in North Palm Beach right across from Rybovitch… checked in with US custom & immigration by cell phone , after holding on the line for half an hour….”your call is important to us ..remain on the line to maintain your priority..” we were only afraid the battery on the cell would die before our turn came, but it all worked out and we received a clearance number and instructions to present ourselves at their office within 24 hours!

The next morning after a pretty negative experience at Riviera Beach Municipal Marina where we were supposed to go (we did not even dock!!!) we made our way further North to Old Port Cove Marina who greeted us very nicely and with Soli and L’Equipe safely tied to the dock we hopped into a cab and made our way to the immigration office… since we had given them all the info on the phone the day before, the clearance number brought us up on the computer, they stamped our passports and we were off to our first “American “ lunch…no more grouper burgers for me!!!!!

After a quiet afternoon, the skies opened up and we were treated to squalls, thunder and lightning and the radio kept blaring on about tornado warnings in the Palm Beach area… that did not augur well for our trip today but it shortly calmed down and we went to supper at the “Club” which was quite smart … the food delicious and the prices very fair… we might consider staying here next time instead of Lantana… and the Publix was within walking distance …. Need I say more!!!!!

We woke up this morning to a beautiful sunny day, although still quite humid…. I don’t think I like Florida at this time of year… humidity and bugs…. This bring us up to date ….we are now plowing our way back up the ICW… admiring the beautiful villas and wondering AGAIN… where do all these people get the money for the real estate and the toys parked in front and back of the mansions!
I have just made a reservation at Vero Beach (aka Velcro Beach by some people who find it hard to leave!!!)..

Oh !!! and we were just treated to a pair of dolphins swimming alongside Soli… they jumped out of the water

and gave us a refreshing splash to greet us back to Florida along with the magnificent Pelicans which we never saw in the Abacos… I guess Florida is not so bad after all!!!!

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