Well we are now back on the ICW (Intracoastal Water Ways, in case you forgot) and truly on our way North.

We have just said goodbye and lost sight of L’Equipe as they stopped to anchor in Hoby Sound to wait for high tide in order to go up the channel to Stuart, I believe Marcel St. Onge (whom we met in Marsh Harbour) is going to escort them to the Hinkley Yard….sorry we did not get to see you again Marcel but we are trucking North!!!!!
It is actually the first time since November of last year that Soli and L’Equipe have been out of sight of each other except for a quick trip back to Marsh Harbour for repairs on Soli's furler ….

Now, last time we talked was D’s birthday in Westend.. we had a nice potluck supper aboard L’Equipe...

smoked salmon. grilled chicken, caesar salad. rillettes. cheese and birthday cake...

J baked these very creative looking, artisanal and delicious baguettes for the occasion

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Cath said...

Dad, your face is looking burnt in this photo.... are you using sunscreen?

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