Yesterday morning when we were still anchored outside Green Turtle, we had visitors…this dink racing towards us with Reg and Val coming to greet us ….they had been anxiously waiting for the goodies we had picked up for them in Savannah.

Then David zoomed around the anchorage, organizing everybody as to the planned move into Black Sound while I cleaned the boat some… I can never understand where dust and dirt comes from in the middle of the water and we yet to finish cleaning salt off. It may seem like an insane mission to keep a boat floating in salt water salt stain free….and it is!

Talking about the middle of nowhere at some point during the passage, as we were going between Great Sale Cay and Little Sale Cay, both totally deserted , the phone rang…I could not believe it. It was my daughter Wendy casually calling me from her car on the way to the arena to tell us our grand daughter Kaitie had just started to play hockey…I was astonished to have a signal in such a remote area, but it only lasted a few minutes and then we lost it.

We are now ensconced in Green Turtle Cay’s Black Sound.

Unlike previous visits we are not at one of Kevin’s moorings but at a very nice new marina “Leeward Yacht Club”, with brand new, clean facilities…and we can plug in and only be charged for any power we consume.

As David said previously Soli is now managing her power very well (as long as we have sun and wind of course) but we cannot run the heater off the battery bank and I was never so cold as in Westend, so being plugged in will allow us to have heat should it become so cold again!

We actually had a very nice little alcohol heater, but we bought kerosene by mistake in Savannah and of course once I had filled the heater with it there was no way of emptying it short of burning it off. I of course did not do this on board but ashore and watched it burn with quite high flames and black smoke, being whipped around by the wind for two and a half hours!!!! I was a little apprehensive that someone may think I was trying to burn the resort down…my new past time pyromania!

We went for a walk into "town" and get a little history lesson on the settlers of the Bahamas who were for the most part British loyalists.

We also went to Gilliam Bay beach, but it was high tide so we could not look for sand dollars.  back tomorrow!

We really liked this little house on the beach....and her magnificent view...hate to think how much it cost!

We had a very satisfying day, each with our own project...David actually rewired the "down" switch to our windlass which had stopped working after being repeated dunked in the salt water during our crossing...so he can now add electrician to the many caps a cruising skipper wears... I relined our freezer with some material fron Steve

Oh and did I mention this little get together with S&S and R of course, we had most delicious smoked salmon pate, caught, skinned, smoked and canned by the crew of Indian Summer as well as cold lobsters with Soli made ailoli!!!

.... GTG Adrian needs to close the office...more tomorrow

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