We are still in Green Turtle Cay , Black Sound, at the very hard to leave Leeward Yacht Club.
Yesterday We went back to Gilliam Bay and had a gorgeous beach walk at low tide...found a few sand dollars (did not take a pic yet)...we met this woman who was actually bragging and showing us her treasures...several sand dollars and a small conch ALL OF THEM ALIVE....when we pointed out that they indeed were alive she just said "I know" ...we just walked away in sheer disgust...she was just to dumb or did not care!

We always love that little Cay with a small house on it, the water gets very shallow at low tide, you almost think you could walk to it.

Real action pic, notice Rugger's hind legs lifting off as David has just thrown the stick!

We have rented a cart for a few hours today so we'll be off soon to visit White Sound and maybe have a little lunch... We've only gone out ONCE since we left Savannah!!!

We received a deluge of emails from friends and family concerned about the tsunami coming to the Bahamas as an after shock of the earthquake in Haiti...we are happy to report we knew nothing about it until the alert was over...

Talk to you soon

Rugger had a ball runner into the water to retreive sticks, and kept us all in shape throwing them...we'll bring a ball next time!

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