This month is just flying by…already the ninth and the “B” word is starting to come up more and more often in conversation…
Yes , it looks like Hope Town will be the turning BACK point ….we did save the best for last , or the best of what we have visited on this trip …. there are a few places we skipped on the way down that we might have a chance to see on the way back and of course return to some of the ones we loved.

We are sitting on the boat after a very delicious supper ashore… hard to believe that this is the FIRST time we actually dinghied over to shore to have dinner in a restaurant in over two months!
Suzanne told Jacqueline that yesterday was “Women’s day”… (what D calls another Hallmark day)… so the guys took us out to dinner and I think they enjoyed it as well especially since there were no dishes to do!!!

One of the restaurants on shore is having a “Seventies music/dance evening” so we are being serenaded to music from “Grease” and to think I just saw John Travolta in West End!!! It reminds me of CJ’s Sweet Sixteen!!!!

A couple of days ago , after I made bread, we took a walk (about 3 miles and then the same back…we need the work out!!) to the other harbour on this island…… White Sound, where the Sea Spray resort is located.
We had originally thought this might be a good place to drop our hook for a while and have Danielle and Robert join us for a vacation…. This did not happen unfortunately but I must say it looked better on the internet than in reality…. This often happens….
The resort is very nice but the beach is not as beautiful as the one here and the whole place is completely isolated...miles away from anything whereas Hope Town is a lively community full of charm and things to do and see.
So hopefully we get to do it right next year… this was a scouting expedition!

On the way back we met 2 little school girls sitting on a golf cart waiting for one’s mother to pick them up …they were cousins and absolutely delightful… bright, friendly, polite and beautiful …. The people on these islands have by and large won our hearts… They are remarkably honest…the other day, Heinz had not noticed that the service was included on the bill so he added a tip…. When the bill came through Visa the tip had been deducted and only the original amount charged …. Only in the Bahamas I think…

We had a rather dull and windy day today and it rained also… rain is wonderful … FREE fresh water …..we need to make the best of it ...so D put on a jacket and went to scrub the deck which needed it badly… it seems a bit of nonsense to wash the boat with salt water and we certainly cannot afford to use fresh water from our tanks… we have been here a little over a week and are down to our last tank, so we have made arrangements with Rudy (local marina) to go and fill up with water tomorrow…. We will tie up our dinghy to the mooring buoy in order to save it until we return.

The weather has cleared up and we dinghied back to our boat under a beautiful canopy of stars (good thing since L’Equipe’s crew had forgotten the flash light again!... "ah...which one of these dark things is our boat?") ….. the moon has not risen yet, we are so much more in touch with nature as it truly affect us so much. For instance with the new moon come the big tides…. I never knew that but it certainly made it difficult to get on or off the boat at a dock… then last week we had a full moon and the very next evening as we got back from the light house …no moon…. how come ….we did not even have one rum punch….and then a little sliver appeared and grew and grew right back to a big beautiful full moon… we had just had a lunar eclipse and did not know about it!

The music sounds so great… like old times... I wish we had gone over to shake our sandals!

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