I feel I must blog today as we are casting off tomorrow on our slow journey home and I am not sure when we will have wifi again…..

L’Equipe has already moved to an anchorage in Marsh Harbour and we are being spoiled brats by staying on the dock with all the fresh water and power available to us….I have splurged and done so much cleaning and washing (you did not think I meant shopping, did you!!!) since we are here that my name should be Florence!

A couple of days ago we rented a car for the day and went down to Little Harbour, lower down on Great Abaco Island , to which we had really wanted to take our boats but could not due to very shoal water….

There is a foundry studio that was started by a very talented artist by the name Peter Johnson… they do marvelous work and we were interested in the whole process and thought we would have lunch at “Pete’s Pub”…

Well the whole thing was a bit of a disappointment, they are still producing some great works but the whole place was in such an absolute mess that it was amazing that they could produce anything…it totally upset H’s sense of decorum and order and we had to hold back J as she wanted to vacuum or at least sweep the place!!!!

As to the pub we gave it a miss for the same reasons… we would have loved to buy a little souvenir but the turtle I fell in love with was $2,500.00 and that was one of the less expensive pieces…. This piece
the nine stages of life was USD 120,000 but was brilliant.

Not This turtle ...this one was probably closer to 10K...

We did not do much else except do a very little provisioning for fresh goods only as we still do not know how we are going to finish all the stores on the boat….maybe I will open a floating depanneur!!!!

More food talk (sorry C.!!!) but I must say I was quite pleased with myself last evening as Soli’s galley produced a very good bouillabaisse (with Wahoo, Mahi Mahi caught by the guys and shrimps) which we enjoyed with some of my best bread yet, a sour dough with walnuts which actually came out with a lovely crunchy crust …so the fish stores in the freezer are going down!!!!!

We are off tomorrow back to island hopping and will to a great extent retrace our steps… we may stop at some islands we missed on the way down and try to visit all our favourites again…then it will be “the crossing” of the Gulf stream again… not sure yet where we will cross ...to West Palm Beach or Fort Pierce… nor where Soli will spend the summer… it is a bit in the air at the moment waiting on some insurance issues as to where we can leave her during hurricane season…

Cannot seem to be able to upload pics... please come back later I might get luckier!!!
Got lucky or patient... a couple of dolphins playing or feeding in the bay kept me entertained as the pics were downloading!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Oh Catherine! Your comments about my parents are so totally right and from the pictures and your description I can just imagine how unimpressed my father must have been with the work space and my mother's "look" in the picture was the same she used to give me when I was little and she was dissatisfied with the state of my room!

Hope you're all enjoying your last few days there and Happy Easter!!!

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