It is now two weeks since we arrived in the delightful town of Hope Town on Elbow Cay. Since then we have been on a mooring in the harbour, running the engine for an hour or so each day to recharge our batteries etc. We have been out to sea once in order to flush the holding tank and alongside a marina afterwards to replenish our fresh water tanks.

Each day has been sunny and warm and we have walked many miles on the beach and had excellent lunches at the various restaurants on the island..

It seems that our schedule is very similar most days – on the days that we have a lunch ashore we have a small, light supper and on the days that we do not have lunch then we have a wonderful supper made by either Jacqueline or Catherine .
Last night it was Jacqueline’s turn and she prepared a wonderful bouillabaisse (????) with different sorts of fish (caught by Heinz and I) shrimp and many vegetables – truly delicious.

As Catherine has remarked in her last blog we have started to discuss our return to reality, although I have to say with no great desire, however needs must and we all have various things to attend to in the summer, not least of which is seeing my daughter married. I cannot miss that !!

We will likely leave this harbour at the end of the week or maybe early next week for a couple of days in Marsh Harbour before moving back through some of the places that we have already visited but would like to see again, interspersed with some new harbours and anchorages. Full details of our northward trek will appear as the story unfolds.

We are undecided as to where we shall leave the boat in the USA but it will probably be further south than previously thought since I believe that we have pretty much decided that we shall return here for, at least, part of next winter. Unlike previous years “Solitaire1” will be laid up over the summer ashore in a yard, and re launched in the fall for another winter of cruising. The only difference being that we would like to visit our families in England over Christmas perhaps next year.

As you can likely tell from the burbling that I have been posting there is not much of note or interest to blog about, our life has settled down to a very peaceful existence and although we live on a boat in the middle of a harbour and our Zodiac dinghy is our car, our life is really very normal .
Bi for now.

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Anonymous said...

HI Guys!!!
Sounds like you're all doing great and enjoying your last days before the return trip begins.. I know you've got quite a busy summer ahead of you but I was wondering if you have any plans to make it over to Europe at some point?
In the mean time, take care and enjoy!

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