20081216 Vero Beach Florida

Just a quick note ….we do not have a wifi signal on board so we are going ashore to do a little posting and emailing....but most importantly post some pics of dolphins for Kaitie, Jack, Pat & Sandra! ...They hammed it up and send you all waves and splashes!

There were also these pretty birds that followed us for a long time "begging " for food and a lovely little sea eagle marking the spot at "49"
I have just been corrected by my friend Liz in South Africa, who assures me that she is intimately acquainted with this particular mark 49 and it is an osprey not an sea eagle...I am quite sure she is right...Thanks Liz!

We are in Vero Beach (aka Velcro Beach by the aficionados…as one never seems to be able to leave!) and we were supposed to leave today but while checking the coolant level yesterday David discovered a slow water leak.. we tried to tape the hose with rubber tape, put on new jubilee clips (hose clamps for you non Brits) but to no avail…so we had to call what Alec called “THE MAN”…

Danny arrived today and changed the hose which was quite tattered but suspected as we did that the leak came from something else …i.e. the water pump…so we changed the gasket, the impeller and still we had the leak… long story short (too late) a new water pump has been ordered and will arrive tomorrow from North Carolina…so we will eventually leave Velcro Beach, true to its reputation, hopefully on time to make it to Lake Worth for this weekend as there is supposed to be a “window” to cross the Gulf Stream…if not then we will go on the next one… c’est la vie!

Yesterday we launched our new dinghy with the spi halyard attached to a sling D made…it worked very well and we hopefully will have more enjoyment out of our new car than we did out of the Zodiac from hell.

I actually did drive it yesterday with my husband, super patient coach, yelling at me “goose it…goose it” when I did not know which gear I was in and which way to move the tiller…a wall on my bow and another dinghy coming up my stern.. I called out that I was in training and they laughed and stopped!!!! Hopeless, did you say, well maybe but I still remember the last time I goosed it, I went crashing into L’Equipe and almost fell off to the tender mercy of the propeller blades…

The only thing I really do not enjoy here are the “noseeums”…it is amazing how little bugs that are so small you cannot even see them and fit through mosquito screens, can make such big itchy welts on my body…..you may remember the picture of Jacqueline’s legs I posted 2 years ago, it looked like she had chicken pox! I do not mind giving them a little blood but why do the ungrateful little buggers have to leave this itchy poison behind as a thank you!!!!

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