28th December 2008

Well, here we are comfortably at anchor in North Western Harbour of Great Sale Cay,
an uninhabited island, to which we have come five times now but never been ashore!

We spent a quiet Christmas in Old Bahama Bay Marina . On Christmas Eve we cleaned the boat, Catherine doing a great job on the inside whilst I did the outside and also cleaned the salt off the hull. That always seems such a waste of time somehow ‘cos as soon as we go to sea again it just gets salty again, but it does prevent the salt from drying to a thick crust . This crust against our dark green hull looks bad , now if we had a white hull……..??

The main highlight of Christmas Eve was the local elementary school’s nativity play on the front lawn of the hotel. The nativity story was told excellently and the children were simply marvelous dressed up as they were….. it was a wonderful way to prepare for the Christmas season and the reason for it.. We also activated Skype once again and enjoyed a half hour telephone call with Jeremy and Verity which was nice.

As is our usual modus operandi when we can, we get up and make tea for me and coffee for the Admiral and then switch on our computers, I to check in with the office and Catherine to check our e mails and bank. However, disaster…… Catherine’s computer refused to boot and she then spent three hours on the ‘phone to various Dell technicians trying to get the thing to work. Alas to no avail and it was finally concluded that for some reason her hard drive was terminally finished. Another was ordered under guarantee and is to be sent to our good friends Jacqueline and Heinz who are scheduled to be back in Hope Town on the 9th January . She wil have to wait until then before her Dell computer can be resuscitated. By the way the three hour ‘phone call was all on Skype and cost nothing, now that’s impressive !!!

Once this was all finalized Christmas Day was spent relaxing by the pool and even going for a swim. It was warm and pleasant. Telephone calls from the family made us seem closer than we actually are and those ‘phone calls are appreciated. We had booked for the hotel buffet dinner in the evening and joined a group of other cruisers that we had met, mainly it seems from the Chesapeake Bay area. An English couple with a Pacifc Seacraft 40 a single hard with a Hunter 47 and of particular interest to us a couple with another Sabre, this one a 38.

The buffet was delicious with a conch chowder, salad, turkey, ham and all the trimmings and for desert a number of small tarts, cookies and of course Christmas cake, although I have to admit I prefer the one we make which is much more fruitier and has much more alcohol in it !!

A short walk after dinner and then I fear we were ready for our bed and we did not stay around to see the Junkanoo rush out.

Boxing Day was spent quietly again by the pool and in the evening at the Maanager’s cocktail party where rum punches were liberally dished out and there were some excellent nibbles. The 27th was spent preparing the boat for sea again as we had decided that the weather was favourable to leave the Marina and head on towards Hope Town, we still wish to make it by New Year’s Eve.

We left Old Bahama Bay marina at 06.45 and followed a line of boats through the narrow and rather shallow Indian Rock passage, helpfully, and planned as such, on a rising tide. No alarms and excursions and once clear it was a straight forward passage to this anchorage where we arrived and had the anchor dug in by 14.30 hrs. Catherine, once again out did herself, with a filet steak, new potatoes and beans for supper with a half bottle of red wine to wash it all down. Who said cruising couldn’t be comfortable???

It is now 19.30 and Catherine is already in bed with her book by Jeffery Archer! We have looked at a wonderful sky, it is quite amazing how many stars one can see with no light pollution. It reminds me of the many nights that I spent on watch crossing the Atlantic and it is indeed a pity that everyone cannot see such a display at least once in their lives.

We plan to leave here at first light around 06.30 hrs to make Manjack Island anchorage during the early afternoon. If it is as nice as the weather forecast says that it will be maybe we shall put the dinghy in the water and go ashore. Manjack is another island but in this case inhabited by one family, who are always pleased to see and meet cruisers.
Tomorrow is another day…..good night !
I could not resist posting this pics...just to show you how healthy we are eating...most of the time!

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