2008.12.08 “marshing” along the Georgia golden reeds.

We left Kilkenny Creek Marina at 0700 this morning after a good night sleep.

As David said last night, it was quite unbelievable that after having spent two weeks in Thunderbolt Marine and just about ALL the work that was supposed to have been done over the course of the summer was actually done on Friday…there we were, finally all ready to cast off and all the instruments started screaming and flashing error 17…it was as if Soli did not want to leave…now usually I am the one who does not want to leave, I hope she is not catching one of my idiosyncrasies.
I took a picture of our first cruising sun rise, our first pelican, still no dolphins, Pat, sorry, I am keeping an eye out for them.

We are going through a particularly tricky part of the ICW today…winding through the Georgia marshes can be pretty shallow business so I am staying out of the Skipper’s way as he is concentrating very hard on the chartplotter, the buoys and transits in order to keep Soli off the bottom. Fortunately we are doing this on a rising tide now, which helps a lot of course…I was looking at our log book from last year and saw that we ended up anchoring three times as the fog was too dense to travel.

We are now comfortably ensconced in Jekyll Island Marina…this is our fifth visit here I recon…I called the guys on the VHF as we were entering the channel…."how do you suggest we tie up, given the direction of the current/tide at this moment …we were thinking starboard to….” “ yes ma’am..starboard to is fine and your fenders at water level”.
That is one component to a safe and easy docking….being prepared and not having to scramble madly at the last minute …of course the more important component is the skipper’s ability to bring her in. Our docking was perfect and after a nice long hot shower we had supper and I’ve been blogging….All is well.

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