We trust that you all had a wonderful New Year celebration and are not feeling the after effects too much!!

Yesterday was another busy day for the ladies as they completed our provisioning including beer and soft drink supplies, all of which are, so we are told expensive in the islands.

We had a sumptuous feast aboard L'Equipe to round off the old year with much good conversation and conviviality. The main dish were fillet steaks done to perfection on the BBQ.
The "petits pots de creme" appeared for pud.

Midnight saw the champagne opened and the New Year toasted - amazingly all made it to midnight despite the long day that had been put in but it was not so long after that we were all in bed and asleep!

So here we are - it's early morning on the 1st and I have decided to post this whilst the others sleep. This is the limit to my knowledge the blogmaster (mistress) will have to add the pics etc later.

Best wishes to all!


Anonymous said...

Hello to you both and a very happy new year to!
It is monday night and we have just finished supper and sophie is taking joan home roast beef and yorkshire on the menu tonight. your journey sounds brilliant and makes us feel very boring plodding on as ever here. Jeremy read your news to joan she finds it very difficult to read these days.

we have had a very jolly new year although the girls are feeling a bit tired tonight!!! daniel has headed back to plymouth this afternoon but will be back next weekend when they all head off for their skiiing week. christmas has been very pleasant and the parties and social events have spread themselves very evenly over the week which has been very nice. but it is back to reality tomorrow and noone is looking forward to that very much.

I cant imagine your life at the moment it does sound very idyllic and hope your next journey in the gulf stream goes well.

wishing you all a very happy new year and lots of love

Anonymous said...

And a Very Happy New Year to you both too! Wow the journey sounds to be getting quite complicated but obviously good fun nonetheless.Salisbury is now a haven of peace and quiet. It has all been the greatest fun and we saw in the New Year with the usual gang but quite happy for life to calm down a bit now!Mama coming for the night demain prior to Rotherham so will keep her up to date with the blog. Lots of love and Bon Chance!

Fil I. said...

Happy New Year. I must say that you are looking and sounding more like vacationers this past week, the tans are shaping up too. Have a safe and uneventful crossing. Looking forward to the next update. Thinking of you always, Fil.

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