We are now anchored in a bay at Allan- Pensacola Island having had a wonderful day on the sea! We left Great Sale at 10.00 hrs and motored for an hour or so before the wind came up and we were able to put up all sails. Yes, “Solitaire 1” really does have sails and goes like the wind!! We couldn’t remember the last time we have had both sails up I am afraid.

We had a glorious beam reach for about two and a half hours in about 13/14 knots of wind – “Solitaire 1” rarely went below 7.25 knots and with great whooping and hollering we spent some time recording 8.25 knots !! Both the boat and we were having a grand time !!!

Our destination was Fox Town on Great Abaco Island however once we got there I got very nervous as the water depth was extremely shallow and I didn’t like the anchorage at all so I chickened out and we came over to this bay on Allan- Pensacola Island where we entertained the crew of L’Equipe for a change . The island is called as it is by the way because at one time it was two islands (Allan and Pensacola Cay) however a hurricane built up the sand between the islands to such an extent that it is now permanent and all one island . Amazing the forces of nature !!

Not sure where we are off to today (21st) possibly somewhere with internet connections so that all this scribble can be posted to the blog or edited by the chief blogger.

Au revoir !

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hehehe, i am talking to you rught now!!! Everyone should use Skype!!!!

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