We are still in Lantana... should be off tomorrow...yes I know you've heard that before!!!

This is the lovely pool we have used ONCE in two weeks... what a shame! Fil talk about tans shaping up.. not mine...not much sun inside supermarkets and boat lockers or computer rooms for that matter... but there will be lots of time to rest and sun later.
Jacqueline and I hit Publix (supermarket) again... last time (yes I know you've heard that one before too!) and the inventory list is growing and the water line is sinking...not really but it should be! I had a propane tank filled... imagine all that food and no way to cook it !
Heinz put on just one last coat of varnish to L'Equipe... we've all heard that one before and D scrubbed Soli's decks so she is nice and clean for the voyage...
Hopefully we'll be able to do this from the Bahamas..but it may take a little time to get it organized...so do not be impatient or worried please.

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Anonymous said...

Message from Mama! Catherine you do a wonderful job, its all so interesting and lovely to keep up to date. Am in Salisbury and off to Rotherham tomorrow andI wish we had your weather here! Safe journey on your next leg and my love to you both Mama.
And ditto from us! Actually as I write you are on line and nobody in my family has the patience to tell me how to do it! One of these days I shall master the art.
Lots of love from us all D and J

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