Well I have finally made it to the computer room and wifi, so I added a few pix to David's blogging of the last few days.... he is getting quite good at this "copy and paste" thing!

Forgive me if I've already mentionned this but getting of the boat can be an interesting challenge as these are not floating docks and when the tide is low there can be a difference of 3 to 4 feet between the dock and the boat ..but I must say I've got quite the hang of it now... rope walking can be fun!

We had a wonderful New Year's brunch as you can see.... somewhat different from the Boxing Day brunches we have had with our family back in Montreal. We missed the kids running around... I never thought I would hear myself saying that!!!

But soon enough we had to get back to work ...here is Karina redoing the registration numbers on L'Equipe's dinghy.

Jacqueline and I then went to the laundromat and did all our linen and clothes so we will be off to a fresh clean start and I of course had to go to Publix (grocery store) for just a few more things...

Heinz demonstrated how fit he was by chinning up to the mizzen boom....must be from all the exercise he had just had when he climbed up to the top of the mast..

On Friday evening we went back into Fort Lauderdale to have dinner with friends from Montreal... actually Cynthia (my cyber buddy) and Max live right across from us at "The Fort" ... they very kindly brought us our mail from home... I guess I must have done a pretty good job as there was very little mail and NO BILLS... I must say that Fil had done an equally good job of weeding out junk..... forgot to bring my camera...

This morning we sadly had to say goodby to Karina who is on her way back to Montreal and then Munich where she has been accepted into an MBA program... pretty and smart but mostly very very nice... she was such great help chauffering us around and an angel of patience as her mother and I ran around the store filling our baskets and stressing out as to WHERE we were going to stow all that stuff... I am pleased to report it has all vanished from view on board Soli.
We have just hear from Jem and it looks like they might meet up with us for the crossing... that would be great.
That's it for now...you are up to date.
We are off tomorrow as D has told you .... I might have time to do a last posting before we leave as I have no idea when I will be able to do so next.....ohmigosh....cyber blackout....how will we survive!

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