Well, the weather guru was spot on again !!

We awoke this morning to a freshening south wind and ever darkening clouds and then the heavens opened and it poured as it only can in the tropics. We were completely astounded to discover that we had filled our aft water tank….. that’s 30 gallons in about 30 minutes or so. Catherine will post some of the pictures of the rain and our water catchment system which clearly works very well.

Much to Catherine’s disgust but to my relief my one week of not shaving has now come to an end and I once more have a smooth shaven chin. It really was annoying – I did not care for the feeling of bristles and therefore despite impassioned entreaties to do leave it for a few more days an executive decision was taken and I now have blessed relief!!

Not much else is going on today….Catherine has cooked a big pot of chili… It has now stopped raining and I have bailed out the dinghy, so we are thinking that we may go for a walk and see if we have any e mails, post this with the new pictures and generally spend a little time ashore. It was wonderful to speak to Mother yesterday on her 93rd birthday – I was a little nervous that she would not be able to hear but the Skype connection worked like a charm and we were able to have a nice conversation with her, my son and brother Christopher. It seemed strange to imagine them all in my Mother’s sitting room, whilst I was sitting alongside the pool and gazing out over the bay to New Plymouth.

That’s all for now – we are off for a walk.

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nestamay said...

We are sitting in a pub in stoke bruerne looking at your yesterdays pictures and blog. looking good...in fact bloody great. Enjoy it!! Weather here warm for the time of year!!!! Pass the pullover!!

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