Goodness !!! February already….where has the time gone? We started this blog on September 29th when we left Lake Champlain for a positioning cruise to Baltimore then back to Montreal for 3 weeks or so and then back to Soli…..we have been living on board since November 9th almost 3 months…When I used to tell people we were going away for 6 months, they thought we were insane … 6 months on a sailboat, no TV, no washer/dryer, no dishwasher, no car…. The one thing I was so insistent on when shopping for a boat was air conditioning …. We have not used it at all!!!!! I should like to take it out and replace it by a water maker… now, daily showers on board even at anchor, that’s real luxury!!! I cannot even picture myself in our flat…..it feels like another world… what would I do…. Sit at the computer all day and gaze out the window…I don’t think so!!!

We left Green Turtle Cay yesterday with a heavy heart… I do hope we come back one day… New Plymouth was a very endearing little place with more roosters than people… they have a contest at 0530 every morning and the last one to go hoarse wins… no wonder we go to bed at 2030, it’s been a long day!
New Plymouth, where everybody knows everybody, and they were starting to know us!!! Our daily visits to Sid’s (local grocery store) where we chatted to a nice elderly lady who just sat in there all the time it seems.
My last visit to the liquor store where I bought 10 bottles of wine and they gave me 2 “to try!!!” ...I carried the whole thing plus some groceries (actually Carlos carried 6) to the “Wrecking Tree Café” where David was “in the office” and the nice couple who offered us a lift in their golf cart (even though they were going in the opposite direction) back to the dinghy dock.
Where you can sit a a caf for hours sipping on a Kalik (local brew) or nothing at all while you are on your laptop working or talking to family on Skype ….and when we left the mooring yesterday, we told the guy at the marina office "we owe you for 8 nights and 4 showers so here is $92" and we hope to be back some day soon" …."that’s cool man" !!!!
Where other boats in the anchorage would come over on their dinghy and chat, exchanging experiences, tips and boat cards…quite a few have blogs…

I actually took very few pictures on Green Turtle Cay … it felt like we were home, not visiting.

Anyhow after a short hop, we left at 0730 at high tide to make sure we had enough water under our keel not to go aground in the channel to Black sound, we arrived in Treasure Cay and are now at a marina with water and power…. We only took power for today…$21 per day!!!!

This Cay is actually not an island at all but part of Little Abaco Island which we plan to explore, perhaps rent a car for a day or two.

The marina is very nice, the harbour is surrounded by condo units which are part of the resort and are rented on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, some are owned mostly by retired people who play golf at a course close by…..tonight was pizza night at the local bar and we felt like the “kids” just to give you an idea of the average age!!!

The beach is magnificent …about 3 miles of the silkiest, softest sand I have ever felt under my toes…. no seashells like in Sanibel though! Also a very nice pool overlooking the sea… not a bad place to spend winter when it gets cold in Montreal!

It’s 2230…way past my bedtime… the wind is howling outside….another “front” coming in which is why we are safely tucked away for a few days.

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