Is it already 5 days since I have blogged… the fact that we do not have wifi on as regular a basis as we would like is a bit of a deterrent … actually I got a little lazy… you know island time and all that good stuff!!

We are back in Marsh Harbour where I wrote from last week…. Where have we gone since!!! Well, we spent a few days here exploring …did some laundry…actually the machines were out of order so for an extra $2. a nice lady did it all for us wash dry and fold…it’s always nice to help support the local economy…

Then we had Karina’s birthday celebration… lobster and shrimp dinner on L’Equipe crowned by a cake baked by the birthday girl herself!!! The following day we took her out for lunch before putting her on a plane back to Montreal which was just about to experience the biggest snow storm this winter some 30 centimeters!!!

Then it was off to Man O War Cay…. A very different island from everything we have seen so far… we picked up a mooring buoy in the South East bay, after negotiating a very narrow and shallow entrance into what is or can be a hurricane hole, very wild and pretty with mangroves growing all around the bay….magnificent sting rays and very large star fish swam by the boat and could be seen very clearly as the water is like glass, but I did not want to bother the skipper who was concentrating on the depth sounder…

On the second day we took a dinghy trip to the northern part of the island where the village is and found a very pretty community with very nice homes, lots of lovely flowers, very clean, much more prosperous than the previous islands we had visited… the island is “dry” no alcohol is sold there at all … we could not find a place to eat lunch….
We walked all around to the other side where we discovered another beautiful endless deserted beach…. Now, believe it or not every day at 1700 all the black people who work on the island are ferried off to whichever island they live on because NO BLACKS ARE ALLOWED TO LIVE ON MAN O WAR KEY!!!!!

After two days we returned to Marsh Harbour which seems to be the hub of the Abacos .
This afternoon we filled out applications for membership to the “Royal Marsh Harbour Yacht Club”…no docks, no club house…. But you get a burgee and a membership card which allows discounts in many marinas etc….a sort of “virtual” club… we met the new commodore who was just installed last evening… they have a lot of get togethers, parties, potlucks, book exchanges etc…

We are now at a dock, anticipating “the big blow”…. Winds of 30 to 35 knots are expected… it is 2200 and so far not a breath of air…. Time will tell if the weather guru Chris Parker was right or not!!!!

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