We are swinging off our hook off Hopetown, Elbow Cay... still have iffi wifi... so will keep this short.

I understand one of the reasons some people are not keen to post comments is that it appears you have to give all kind of personnal info....
Here is how to do it:

-click on the word comment (not the envelope!)
- the word comment will turn red and open a little window
- just type your message in that window and sign your name in the window too
-skip the rest and just go to the bottom
-click on "publish comments"

Alternatively you can always email us directly at dacs14@hotmail.com

That's it!!! good luck and we look forward to hearing from you now.

Will post more later.


Anonymous said...

Hi guys!

Just wanted to say thanks for the updates and especailly the picture of the starfish!!! I wanted to take one when I as there but was never able to get close enough.. somehow I only saw the big ones while under way! And since it was taken with a camera that previously travelled with me, I'll just pretend that I took it, if that's OK with you ;-)

Anonymous said...

Just incase you couldn't guess who I am based on the above comment, it's Karina :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Catherine,

I am reading you every day, but I was not able to send you a comment, but now I know. Let me tell you that your pineapple walnut yellow cake with RHUM just looked delicious. But it seems that you eat a lot on those 2 boats (Soli and l'Équipe) and the food look fantastic. I am not able to write very much today because I have a lot of work, but I will make more comments next week, but tell Heinz I will work between the comments, and my job is going to be all done.
Suzanne (Jacqueline's sister)
Have a nice week-end.

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