We woke up this morning and tuned into Chris Parker's weather forcast at 0630... it stinks !!!

So we are going to give Man of War Cay a miss for now and head straight for Marsh Harbour in order to be tucked in safely to weather the squalls coming later on today and for L'Equipe to drop off Karina as she is flying back to Montreal tomorrow....also a top off of our water tanks and a good showers would be welcome... we have been doing what David calls his "ablutions" and I call "toilette de chat" for a few days now.

We went for the pig roast and walk on the beach yesterday.... just wonderful... we tried to walk off the calory intake and I actually took some pix of some "people" on the beach...

The questions most asked re our blog are :

1 - Where are the people ?

2 - Have you gone swimming ? (that one was from Deborah as a comment right after my picture of a shark swimming by the boat and eating the fish bait...makes one wonder don't you think!!!!)

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