We have wifi again so we have just done some catching up with emails and while David is cleaning up the office I will jot down a few lines…

We left Treasure Cay and sailed to Marsh Harbour which is a fairly well established community on Wednesday ….the shopping is great there but you may remember I was not allowed to buy another morsel of food so we just got milk!!!

We swung from a mooring buoy ( a free one yeahh) for a couple of days and then set off for Baker’s bay (named for Jacqueline and I no doubt!) on Great Guana Island…..another magnificent beach where we could clearly see our anchor in 10 feet of the most pristine water.

We had a nice cold supper of smoked salmon (purchased God knows where….supplies are going down!!!), ceasar salad and brownies with ice cream for pud….I felt I had to bake something given our location… I think I have handled more flour on this trip than I have in my whole life!!! Another joint effort from our galleys!!!!

This morning we moved a little down the same island and picked up a mooring buoy at Settlement Bay on Great Guana…. We have not dinghied ashore yet but it looks promising and there is supposed to be a great place to eat called Nippers where the skippers are taking the galley slaves for supper tonight!!!!

A custom on several of these anchorages is conch blowing…. I have not yet established the pattern !!!! will have to get one for David… conch fritters are a specialite of this area and although I have given them a couple of tries I cannot seem to acquire a taste for them… a little too doughy for my taste.

David just called me so I grabbed my camera and ran up top…. There had been a loud splash as a pretty big (about 3 feet across) sting ray had jumped out of the water… I took a couple of pictures of it as it majestically swam under Soli…. I cannot establish if they are dangerous or not…. The crocodile hunter died of a sting from one of those yet we see pictures in guide books of people actually petting them when they snorkel….

I remember years ago in the British Virgin Islands with Alec, when I was still young and foolish, snorkeling around the boat and seeing what looked like a marble on the sandy bottom…. I went to investigate and just as I was about to touch it, the sandy bottom under me started to move as a huge sting ray, whose eye I had just tried to pick up, came out the sand where it had buried itself….. let me tell you, I surfaced like a cork and was up that ladder and on the boat in less than 10 seconds!!!

Swim anyone??????

We just saw a J40 come into the harbour under full sails as only a J would do... but it was not Jem, we saw them yesterday in the distance leaving Great Guana headed for an ocean sail by the looks of things.

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