It is now Noon the following day and , yes, Mr. Parker was once again spot on….. it is howling out there, our anemometer is recording 30 knots of wind on a pretty steady basis and gusting to 35.

We had booked both “L’Equipe” and “Solitaire 1” into the same marina as we had left from, however when we got back here from Man of War Cay we found that there was no room at the inn for “L’Equipe”, because of their size, so they are swinging from a mooring in the harbour, whilst we are safely tucked up in the marina…having said that, they are very safe and comfortable.

As well as being windy and rainy it is also cold…!! Well O K ….. not as cold as Canada or even perhaps England but cold for us here - how cold you ask – it’s 68* and forecast to dip to 61* this evening and maybe into the high forties overnight – now that’s cold for the Bahamas!! We have actually had the heating on , another boon whilst we are alongside the dock and plugged into shore power.

Man of War Cay, as Catherine has mentioned was an interesting place – according to the guides there are 163 permanent residents of which the majority come from two families. These two families are the descendants of the original settlers who were Loyalists at the time of the Declaration of Independence. Being loyal to King George they left the USA and ended up on this small Cay. The main family, the Albury family runs amongst other things the boat yard and builds very beautiful boats, the grocery store, the ferry service, a trucking company, golf cart rentals etc etc…..we understand that there may have been a certain amount of inbreeding over the years, but as everywhere else the people were friendly and smiling and happy to see you.

The whole island is dry, no alcohol, no smoking and visitors are asked to cover up i.e. no bikinis or thong type swim wear. Pity !!!!! The entrance to the two harbours which are opposite each other is a tiny narrow gap and quite shallow but we managed to get through both arriving and leaving , without problem, on the high tide. I was not particularly happy with the mooring line to the buoy that we were on and this was the main reason for a decision to return to Marsh Harbour for this blow. I also was a little nervous that some of the other boats were on similar questionable buoy lines and that when it started to blow, if something happened there would be no time or space in which to take avoiding action, so again discretion became the better part of valour.

Next week is supposed to be nice so we shall be off again on our voyage of exploration to who knows where? I think that it has stopped raining so it’s time for me to get out and take a good hot shower. Binow!

We are truly hunkered down it is blowing and quite nasty outside… what better time to make bread!!! I have the dough rising in the microwave for a couple of whole wheat sour dough ciabattas with maybe some walnuts thrown in for good measure… also since we are stuck in port it is a good time to try and bring down our freezer level so I am also making some chicken cacciatore and a ham & cauliflower casserole… good winter comfort food!!!

The provisions on board Soli are almost embarrassing…. I may attach an excel list one day and give you all a good laugh… J and I are thinking of opening a depanneur!!!!

While I was boat bound waiting for the third rising (of the bread!!) D walked to the Abaco Boat Harbour, which is on the other side of the island and where their headquarters are located, to pay for our membership to the “Royal Marsh Harbour Yacht Club”… he came back with a fat envelop…a goody bag, containing amongst other things a membership card, a membership certificate…hysterically funny… I took a picture I hope you can read it, and last but not least a wonderful members cookbook entitled “More Marshed Potatoes” after Marsh Harbour no doubt!

The breads are done… they look alright but I am anxious to taste them…it is still howling outside … so I will snuggle with my new cookbook and a nice G&T (my mother in law’s influence) ….talking about that…I have not seen Coronation Street in months …I wish someone would tell me what’s happening …. In the UK or Canada… I am suffering from withdrawal… I need a Corrie fix !!!

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