It is Christmas on board Soli again…. Through the good auspices of Fil, who braved blistering minus 30, went to our flat, sorted through our mail and handed Karina a bundle of Christmas cards and Cruising guide magazines to be delivered to us on Treasure Cay, Little Abaco Island.

Karina arrived today and along with our mail brought us a care package of wonderful goodies from Montreal that she put together with a lot of thought and care… it truly is Christmas all over again!!!

We have been here a week already… I cannot believe how time fly… we will be leaving Treasure Cay and its magical sandy beach tomorrow, we have a good weather window to move, the wind has somewhat retuned to a more civilized velocity.

Today was laundry day so we are leaving with a fresh bunk, clean clothes and a well stocked larder…. I am under strict orders not to buy another morcel of food !!!

Heinz had rented a car to pick up Karina at the airport today so we took the opportunity of visiting, or should I say driving through the other side of Little Abaco island this morning and it unfortunately is, like so many of these islands desperately poor… a lot of the homes were destroyed by several hurricanes over the past few years and no money was found to rebuild…there just does not seem to be many job opportunities, unlike New Plymouth on Green Turtle Cay where construction seemed to be underway and a certain amount of relative prosperity was apparent….

We drove for miles and saw nothing but garbage which littered the side of the road to Jacqueline’s chagrin and some terribly run down shacks…on the other hand people, especially children, are waving and smiling… it never ceases to amaze us how apparently content people seem to be with so little. The thing we noticed though was that however desolate the villages were they always had at least one church and often several which were in remarkably good shape… food for thought!!!!

It is 2300, well past our bedtime…. David is reading the Gazette and the Globe and Mail on line which is a great when we have wifi and I will try and post this before we leave… but I have to wait until D is finished with the internet because although we each have our own laptop, only one of us can get on line at one time…after what we saw this morning I would not dream of complaining… we are so blessed!

We hear it is horribly cold back home and in most parts of the east coast…. we really feel for you and hope that the ground hog , who did or did not see his shadow (I can never get this right!!!) but apparently predicted a short winter, was right!!!

Good night.

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